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nothing is more precious than an everlasting gift of nature

paper making project:
keepsake hand print paper

This paper was made with the    5 x 7" mold and deckle from the Going Green Papermaking kit.

It requires working with two vats filled with contrasting colored pulp.  In this case we used one vat of white recycled paper pulp, and a second vat of white recycled paper blended with several sheets of green tissue paper.

1.  Make a base sheet of one couch and couch  onto a felt.

2.  Rinse your mold and deckle well.

3.  Place the deckle on the mold and place a child's hand on the center of the screen, with fingers slightly spread.  Hold the mold firmly and use your thumb to help hold the child's hand in place.  Encourage the child to press their hand onto the screen, and to try to keep their hand still, as you dip the mold into the second vat.  

4.  Let the pulp drain for a moment and ask the child to lift their hand straight up.  If a piece of pulp is accidentally moved, gently push it back into place. 

5.  Couch the new sheet directly on top of the first sheet, and press and dry as you normally would. 

What to do next?  Frame it, hang it, attach it to a handmade card, embellish it with color, etc.  Enjoy!



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